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Book Review: Talking with Catholics about the Gospel by Chris Castaldo

“There are still many who do not know the data, the gospel. Most of my Catholic students at Boston College have never heard of it. They do not even know how to get to heaven. When I ask them what they would say to God if they died tonight and God asked them why he should take them into heaven, nine out of ten do not even mention Jesus Christ. Most of them say they have been good or kind or sin...
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Lest Ye Be Judged

Recently I read on the news that the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney echoed the call of bishops around the country for Catholics around the country to stand firm in moral opposition to same-sex marriage. Two responses predominantly captured the essence of the ensuing debate that happened on social media; one side was passionately for marriage equality, the other, disapprovingly expressed t...
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A perspective on men in church

This post will be a little different to my previous articles because I’ll be commenting on the potentially controversial topic of man’s place in society. I've been reflecting on my own journey as a Christian man, and my interactions with society and Church. I realised that while I have many idealistic notions of life, such as hopes for a stable career, healthy spiritual growth, stable marriage...
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The Holy Family

Our families are a key part of our lives that is very intimate and personal; the bond that is shared between family members is one that is very sacred and can be a blessing or curse depending on circumstances. As children, we realize eventually that it is one of those bonds that doesn't center on choice, but rather a God given relationship that is presented to us before we even knew it. How...
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Stumbling Blocks

Church and culture Being a Christian in our modern world is undoubtedly a challenging way to live. By choosing God's ways, we are saying ‘no’ to many others. Sometimes this leads us to a few dilemmas concerning our position as Christians in society. An example of this is whenever we take a stand for our faith; we are saying that we are different to all other faiths. This exclusive claim of Chri...
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Recovering Chivalry

I recently sat down with a few friends to discuss what it means for a Christian man to be manly. We had mixed opinions on what it exactly Christian masculinity is. So that weekend I set out to examine what Christian masculinity means in our modern age. Progressive? Much of modern evangelical Christian culture is greatly influenced by American Christianity, particularly in the 20th and 21st c...
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Meditations on the Cross

Via Crucis Both friends and foes have come to see. A man hung upon a tree, such a display none have seen. Mother and sons watch from afar, swords piercing their hearts. Hounds and wolves encircle the crown, Defeat is near, Death is near, there is no escape. Crowned with suffering, anointed with blood, the Man is scourged for all. Arrayed by men of malice, He continues to drin...
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