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Youth Ministry is like the Army

Now I'm no 'youth ministry veteran', but I can say with confidence that youth ministry is like an army. An army is a country's defence force. They train and keep fit in order to protect their nation and go to battle if the need arises. In Australia, enlisting in the army is completely voluntary, but: soldiers need to work really hard (I struggle to even wake up at 8am) soldiers w...
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Introduction to Sound Production for Laypeople

Most modern churches make their sound go loud with a PA system (Public Address aka sound system, which is not the one in the picture above - that's a DJ mixer but it's a cool picture). Many churches also have a worship band playing music every Sunday so that the congregation can worship God through a couple of songs. A problem now arises because due to the cool-ness of playing an instrum...
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Why Do We Baptise Infants?

There are several Christian doctrines that often lead to division in the church. These include the doctrines of predestination, gender roles and baptism. Some Christians say that only believing adults should be baptised and others believe that infants of believers should be baptised too. One prominent leader who holds to the latter is Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Churc...
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The Despair of Death

On Friday night, the 29th of January 2016, a beloved friend and ex-colleague innocently crossed the road only to be hit by a car running a red light, leaving her with severe head injuries. She was declared brain-dead in ICU, lying unconscious and unrecognisable due to the damage to her head. At 12pm today, less than two days on, the doctors decided to take her off life support with family and ...
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How to (Properly) Judge a Book by its Cover

The old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" has its value, but honestly, we're all time-tied busybodies who won't be able to read the entire Christian bookstore. As mentioned by Collin Hansen, the editorial director for The Gospel Coalition, "You don’t have all the time in the world. So don’t waste it on bad books"1 . If you're really going to mature in your knowledge and love of Chris...
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3 Tips for Crafting Community

At a recent meeting with the Community Group leaders of ACTS11, we sat down to brainstorm some ideas. We wanted to figure out how to foster a community within groups (hence the community + group). To begin with, we agreed that central to having community is having God himself. By his gifts of prayer and scripture we can hope to become the community that God desires. If you're reading thi...
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Look and Live

The following is extracted from Chapter 4 of Matt Papa's book: 'Look and Live - Behold the Soul-thrilling, Sin-destroying Glory of Christ'. This series of poems illuminates the beauty of Jesus' birth, life and death.   Bethlehem. A humble town. A nobody's town. Perfect. The mountains would have bowed down. The seas would have roared in praise. The trees clapped their hands. But not...
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Hell and the Wrath of God

Jonathan Edwards was an 18th century preacher, philosopher and theologian. He is widely regarded as "one of America's most important and original philosophical theologians"1. A sermon by Edwards that has caught the attention of many is titled "sinners in the hand of an angry God", and can be read here. In a great little book called 'The Holiness of God', R.C. Sproul summarises the main appl...
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How to love God when you don’t feel like it

It's often called being 'spiritually dry' - periods in your life as a Christian when you don't really feel like one. It can be caused by unrepentant sin, harmful (or lack of genuine) relationships, lack of regular devotion and prayer or ministry burnout. You may go to church and even be a leader, but you can go for months without really being 'on fire' for Jesus. Just going through the moti...
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