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On being the odd one out

  Sometimes in life you just feel lonely.   Often it's because you believe in a man named Jesus who supposedly walked the earth two thousand years ago. And thus, you call yourself a Christian, go to church and bible studies, and serve in ministries throughout the week.   And sometimes you feel like the whole world around you is moving on, having fun, and leaving you ...
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Books That Changed My Life

The book nerd is back - with a new list of amazing reads you should probably delve into this year. Now the bible's pretty sweet, but how great is it that God speaks through secondary means such as preachers and authors? Under each book listing I've written my personal experience of how the book interacted with my life. These three books are very easy (and enjoyable) to read - but I've...
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Youth Ministry is like the Army

Now I'm no 'youth ministry veteran', but I can say with confidence that youth ministry is like an army. An army is a country's defence force. They train and keep fit in order to protect their nation and go to battle if the need arises. In Australia, enlisting in the army is completely voluntary, but: soldiers need to work really hard (I struggle to even wake up at 8am) soldiers w...
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Introduction to Sound Production for Laypeople

Most modern churches make their sound go loud with a PA system (Public Address aka sound system, which is not the one in the picture above - that's a DJ mixer but it's a cool picture). Many churches also have a worship band playing music every Sunday so that the congregation can worship God through a couple of songs. A problem now arises because due to the cool-ness of playing an instrum...
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When I Grow Up

Being raised in Sydney is such an incredible privilege. It’s a land so full of freedom and opportunity. So much so, that from as little as 5 or 6, we are encouraged to complete this sentence: “When I grow up, I want to be ____” I remember answering that I wanted to become an "animal doctor". My friends aspired to hairdressing, teaching, and firefighting. There was even a boy whose dream ...
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Youth & Children’s Ministry | Downloadable Resources

Below is a collection of short resource documents written up and provided by Stuart Ling. Click on each link to view and download the pdf file. Youth Ministry: Youth Group Games Up Front Training Interviews How to MC Testimony Training Tough Conversations Writing a Bible Study Structure of the Bible Reading the Bible Framework Small Groups - Structure Smal...
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Why Do We Baptise Infants?

There are several Christian doctrines that often lead to division in the church. These include the doctrines of predestination, gender roles and baptism. Some Christians say that only believing adults should be baptised and others believe that infants of believers should be baptised too. One prominent leader who holds to the latter is Bryan Chapell, Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Churc...
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Making the Most of Your Uni Years

A few years ago I heard the National Director of AFES Richard Chin speaking on why anyone should bother to give up time at Uni to serve Jesus. Why not use your time at Uni to focus on study so you can have a better job to serve God in later? Why not use the rest of your week to serve God at church, and let Uni time be for getting the degree done? Why, he said... Because we are at war. We ar...
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The Despair of Death

On Friday night, the 29th of January 2016, a beloved friend and ex-colleague innocently crossed the road only to be hit by a car running a red light, leaving her with severe head injuries. She was declared brain-dead in ICU, lying unconscious and unrecognisable due to the damage to her head. At 12pm today, less than two days on, the doctors decided to take her off life support with family and ...
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