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Gospel Artwork


Hi everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anton, my artist name is Tonzha. I go to Padstow Chinese Congregational Church where I often help with designing posters, flyers, booklets, T-shirts, and hoodies. Here’s a small gallery of some of my most recent T-shirt designs. Hope you like it.  Enjoy!

1)  1 Timothy 4:12

The encouraging tone of 1 Timothy 4:12 calls for strength in conduct and character in spite of youthfulness. I tried to capture the idea of youthfulness through this little boy (a character I made up named Timmy), and a sapling. The sapling, despite being young and seemingly insignificant on the surface, has roots with run deep into the ground – depicting solidarity. It has a firm foundation which is representative of the young Christian’s grounding in the Word of God which will enable him/her to “set an example”. The sapling shall not remain static, but shall continue to grow as it is watered.


2)  Growing in the Cross

The drawing below is a continuation of the story from ‘1 Timothy 4:12’. Little Timmy is featured here again, this time with a larger watering implement since the sapling has now developed into a tree. The drawing simply illustrates that our growth should be in the cross – the maturing of our conduct and character is shaped by the Gospel. However, not only is our growth shaped by the Gospel, it also reliant on the Gospel as shown by the cross-shaped trellis that supports the tree.


3)  The CLU (Cross-shaped Light-producing Instrument)

This one literally took days to draw, and was originally drawn to capture the phrase ‘Together for the Gospel’.

The CLU dispels the darkness with its massive lightbulbs. Though it may be hard to see, the darkness is actually made from spirals of biblical text that tell of the effects of sin. Thus the solution to the effects of sin is the CLU which represents the gospel!

A group of lightbulb-headed people (I call them Bulbies) work together around the cross-shaped contraption. They do so with a common purpose, to provide light to the earth in the middle of the contraption. The lightbulb heads symbolize they are to be ‘lights’ as well. The Bulbies are all connected via wires to CLU, symbolizing dependence and unity under the Gospel.

The drawing is set on the moon which is reminiscent of Jesus’ saying to His followers to be ‘not of this world’.



4)  Power

Here is an illustration of the first half of Romans 1:16 in a comic strip style. Featuring the lightbulb-headed Bulbies and continuing the story of the CLU!  As can be seen from my previous artwork, the CLU, many Bulbies are being sent out across the moon. They’re actually looking for survivors – other Bulbies who have been disconnected from the CLU and thus have no power/life source.  This is what is being illustrated in the artwork below. A lone Bulbie treks through the darkness and brandishes his source of power. He stumbles across a survivor and connects the power source, thus facilitating a revival.  This backstory coupled with the comic strip serves as an allegory for Romans 1:16.

By the way, if you don’t understand the switches and plugs, they’re meant to symbolize ‘power’ (“the power of God for salvation).



Thus, we sadly come to the end of this really small ‘gallery’. I hope to share more artworks with you guys in the future. Peace out!

– Tonzha