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Making the Most of Your Uni Years


A few years ago I heard the National Director of AFES Richard Chin speaking on why anyone should bother to give up time at Uni to serve Jesus. Why not use your time at Uni to focus on study so you can have a better job to serve God in later? Why not use the rest of your week to serve God at church, and let Uni time be for getting the degree done?

Why, he said… Because we are at war. We are in a spiritual battle and can’t afford to waste a moment. Every moment is one that God has given us to be proclaiming Jesus to those around us, and at the same time every moment is one the devil uses to try and draw us away and tempt us to be self-centered and not live for Jesus. We can’t afford to waste a moment! We must make the best use of the time, because the days are evil.

Maybe you can empathise with me in sometimes feeling like Uni is just all about me getting my degree, and then when I settle down into a nice stable job (high paying of course), find a house, have a family, find the perfect church with exactly the ministry opportunities I’m looking for, then I’ll start using my time to serve God properly.

But no, whatever period of life we find ourselves in, God calls us to serve Him. Uni is an amazing opportunity to grow in your faith and proclaim the Gospel to thousands of people still figuring out their worldview and often willing to hear what Jesus has to say. Uni is also a time the devil uses to draw so many young Christians away from serving God and get them caught up in the worldly ambitions of career, success and financial gain.

No Christian can afford to waste the great ministry opportunities that Uni offers, but we’re not designed to do ministry alone. We each have different gifts from God, and the body of Christ works when we all use our gifts together. That’s where your Uni Christian group comes in. It’s not a church, but you gather together as God’s people to use your gifts together, to proclaim Jesus to the tens of thousands of students and staff, and to encourage and build one another up as brothers and sisters in Christ.

So as you consider what your year is going to look like, whether you plan to spend 4 hours a week at Uni or 40, ensure that your manner of life is worthy of the gospel of Christ. Don’t settle into the consumerist mindset of our culture.

Partner with your Uni Christian group to be proclaiming the gospel of Jesus on campus and to be building up yourself and brothers and sisters in the faith. Attend training or seminars held in order to prepare and be trained up for a year of wholeheartedly serving God at Uni

Don’t give the devil a foothold, he prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour. Fight the good fight of the faith every day, resist the devil and he will flee from you. I pray that every day you would see Uni as an opportunity to be grown yourself in Christ and to lead everyone to maturity in Him.


Dan Sawyer is the President of Christian Union at Macquarie University, where he studies a Master of Meteorology. He attends St James’ Anglican Church Turramurra and enjoys good Christian books, the beach, and all things science related.