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New to theology? My top 3 books


If you’re someone who wants to find out more about this so called ‘theology’, or if you’re wondering what gift to get for that special person, I’m writing this for you. All editions of books can be found here.

Of course there are plenty of books about theology and Christian doctrine, and I’d gladly recommend you a book tailored to what you’re looking for if you ask me, but these are good introductory all-rounders.

Please please please don’t forget to read your bibles! Jesus says that the Scriptures testify about Him (John 5:39), meaning the source of all theology is God himself revealed in His word, because He’s the one we’re studying!


is there1. The God Who is There – D. A. Carson

This book by the world-renowned Don Carson is uniquely helpful in many ways. Firstly, it is a relatively short book, especially for a New Testament Scholar. It packs a lot of punch, covering the major biblical themes in just a few chapters. Secondly, it is biblical, systematic and apologetic at the same time. If you’re not sure what that means, pretty much he offers a fresh and culturally relevant perspective of the historic Christian faith and biblical literature in light of today’s challenges and objections. I particularly recommend this for university students or even skeptics who aren’t on the same page with what the bible says.

Click here to purchase or view more information about Carson’s book.



confessing2. Confessing The Faith – Chad Van Dixhoorn

The Westminster Confession of Faith is one of the most significant and comprehensive summaries of the Christian faith. Because it was written nearly 500 years ago, however, it can be quite a daunting and boring way to study theology. Chad Van Dixhoorn offers a modern reader’s commentary to this rich confession. Each chapter is divided into sub-chapters of about 5 pages for easy reading for a few minutes per day. In addition, this book is lovely to hold in your hands. Here’s a excerpt of a chapter that I quoted called The spiritual significance of baptism.

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is love3. God is Love – Gerald Bray

Finally, this is the biggest of them all, about the size of a typical systematic theology textbook. Normal systematic theologies can be quite dry and academic, however, and that’s why I recommend this one instead. The theme running throughout this book is that God is Love. Not only does this make it an interesting approach, but also the fact that he combines both biblical theology with systematic theology and produces a volume that is relevant to people all around the world. Once again, if you didn’t understand those flamboyant words, Bray makes theology accessible to all nations of all levels but does not reduce the content of this theology.

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