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Online Christianity – 9 Favourites of November


In the midst of examination period for university students, I pray that these 3 favourite videos, articles and books show you the beauty of our God in your busyness.



That is The Grace – Matt Chandler

Is God fed up with you, simply tolerating the way you are? Ephesians 1 begs to differ. A great video that supplements Planned Grace and Outrageous Grace.

Do You See Singleness as a Gift?

We read and know that singleness is some sort of good thing for us, but why and how? This video has encouraged me for a long time.

Behind the Book

Francis and Lisa Chan’s marriage book “You and Me Forever” has gotten a fair bit of social media coverage – here’s why. I love their vision of marriage: seek God first, and your marriage will happen.



Top Ten Ways Churches Drive Drive Away First-time Guests
It might be the marketer in me, but these are really insightful as a person who has been to church all my life, not knowing how it’s like on the outside. 

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew about the Creationism vs. Evolution Debate
“Science vs. Religion” – really? 

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Reformed Theology
There are many misconceptions about Reformed Christianity and Calvinism which are not true. 



What’s Best Next – Matt Perman
Matt Perman is uniquely gifted in both faithful Christianity and best business practice. This book is about productivity: why it’s more important than you think and how the gospel shapes the way you get things done. 

Ordinary – Michael Horton
The constantly changing world calls for Radical Christianity, but this reputable (my favourite) theologian shows us how to have sustainable, ordinary faith surrounded by increasing secularism.

Men of God
This excellent book by various known Christian men illustrate how the gospel shapes manhood, and what it means to be a man of God in different areas of life. 

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