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Sample camp bookstore


I don’t know about you, but for the Christian circles I’m in, it seems that many people have difficulty deciding on what books to sell at camps/conferences.

Here’s a sample list I hope you find helpful. If you haven’t read up on why Disciple Timothy exists, it’s to “equip you for worship and ministry.”

I’ve chosen these books because they are easy to read, fairly broad in doctrinal agreement, and applicable to everyone regardless of age or life stage. They are sorted in order of expected maturity (i.e. ‘What if?’ by Kristen Young is first because it is most appropriate for non-Christians or Christians struggling with doubt). I also tried to categorise them to be helpful.

  1. What if? – Kristen Young (Apologetics)
  2. Growing your Faith – Jerry Bridges (Spiritual Growth)
  3. Taking God at his Word – Kevin DeYoung (Biblical Studies)
  4. The Explicit Gospel – Matt Chandler (Theology)
  5. Crazy Love – Francis Chan (Christian Living)
  6. God’s Big Picture – Vaughan Roberts (Biblical Studies)
  7. Christian Beliefs – Wayne Grudem (Theology)
  8. The Holiness of God – R.C. Sproul (Theology)
  9. Worldliness – C.J. Mahaney (Christian Living)
  10. The Mingling of Souls – Matt Chandler (Sexuality)

Next time you need a book list, search this website!

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