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Serving without Sinking

This book is for anyone currently serving, or interested in serving as a Christian. Ranging from pulpit ministry to cleaning the garbage at church, how we serve is essential. How are we to serve? How can we avoid ‘burning out’ as Christians? This book shows busy Christians how to serve joyfully, not wearily. 

Title: Serving without sinking. 
Author: John Hindley. 
Publisher: The Good Book Company. 
Publish date: April 2013.
Endorsers: Michael Reeves, David Burrowes, Mike McKinley, Tim Challies, Tim Chester, Steve Timmis, Carrie Sandom, Christopher Ash, Marcus Honeysett and David Jones.

Here are some common scenarios from chapter 1:

Martin began to relax as he walked home from church. His work was finished. He’d opened up, sorted out the chairs, done the children’s talk, and cleared away afterwards. He felt free-he’d done his duty and now the rest of the day was his. He could relax and enjoy himself. What a wonderful feeling!
Sophie had been running the children’s holiday club at church. It had been exhausting, and the clear-up had finished her off. Just as she collapsed onto the sofa, the phone rang. It was a guy from church. Could she get the bread for communion the next morning? It would only be a ten-minute walk. She said yes, of course-but inside she was seething. Furious with… well, with Jesus. She’d been serving Him all week; she’d been the only one who stayed behind to clear up; everyone else was relaxing at home; she had to go and get the bread. Couldn’t He give her a break? 
David really loved his new church. The harvest supper had been great-he was starting to make friends. Afterwards, the pastor asked him to help put some stage blocks back in the storage loft. He joined a group of guys lifting them in. It was great fun and a good laugh-and afterwards the pastor thanked him for being an example of joyful service. David went home praising God. He liked serving Christ. He was going to enjoy being part of this church. 
Brad had been a student for three years when it all clicked. The minister was preaching on God’s love, and particularly God’s love in dying for those who were so flawed. Something happened that night in hit heart-and he knew that all he wanted to do was serve Him. He fixed up a meeting the next day with the minister, and told him he wanted to spend his life serving Jesus-and that he wanted to help to get started. 

Do any of the above scenarios resonate with you? Author John Hindley tackles the wrong motives underlying Christian service in clearly and intriguingly. He then takes us on a journey, showing the service of Jesus Christ and how this affects us. He writes faithfully and firmly yet with a pastoral tone. Trust me when I say that you’ll be taught, amazed, rebuked and encouraged to live and serve joyfully in whatever ministry position/s you may be in, for we have the ultimate servant to model.

It’s such compact book, and I reckon you could easily beat my two hour time in reading this… minus the times I stopped to reflect and pray. I totally didn’t cry. 

Get the book at Koorong or Amazon, etc. 

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