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Sex, Sin and Suffering

This truly is a sexual revolution.

But in the fight for freedom and egalitarianism, we all lose.

We devalue sex. Devalue marriage. Devalue your body. Devalue authority. Devalue life.

Sex is about pleasure not about commitment. Marriage is about feelings not about covenant. Your body is only as good as others perceive it. Authority structures exist to be broken. Abortion is about choice rather than murder.

No place for truth. No place for safety. No place for historicity. No place for sacrificial love. No place for God.

Now is a time for gender-fluid theory, for Disney-informed stories to be told, for social media dreams to be followed.

Time will tell of the brokenness that comes from such slavery to our sexual desires.



No place for truth or Whatever happened to Evangelical theology?

We cannot be silent: Speaking truth into a culture redefining sex, marriage, and the very meaning of right and wrong.

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