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Book Review: Talking with Catholics about the Gospel by Chris Castaldo

“There are still many who do not know the data, the gospel. Most of my Catholic students at Boston College have never heard of it. They do not even know how to get to heaven. When I ask them what they would say to God if they died tonight and God asked them why he should take them into heaven, nine out of ten do not even mention Jesus Christ. Most of them say they have been good or kind or sin...
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Lest Ye Be Judged

Recently I read on the news that the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney echoed the call of bishops around the country for Catholics around the country to stand firm in moral opposition to same-sex marriage. Two responses predominantly captured the essence of the ensuing debate that happened on social media; one side was passionately for marriage equality, the other, disapprovingly expressed t...
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Who owns the right to marry?

A few days ago, Ireland became the first official country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote. It seems as if the trend of society leans toward public opinion and away from traditional authority. A poster at a recent rally for marriage equality said: "If I like it, I should be allowed to put a ring on it!" The irreligious world says that the church should stop being so selfish ...
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A Short Defense of Video Games

Frankly, I don't think the church has a solid and robust view of computer (or console) gaming. "The fact is that there’s still somewhat of a negative connotation when it comes to gaming. People are fine posting about other interests like movies, books, TV shows, and sport, but as soon as you start posting about gaming, you’re dismissed as a geek, a loner, or someone that doesn’t have better...
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Stumbling Blocks

Church and culture Being a Christian in our modern world is undoubtedly a challenging way to live. By choosing God's ways, we are saying ‘no’ to many others. Sometimes this leads us to a few dilemmas concerning our position as Christians in society. An example of this is whenever we take a stand for our faith; we are saying that we are different to all other faiths. This exclusive claim of Chri...
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Humour and the Almighty God

All my life I’ve been a bit of a cheeky joker. Since entering youth group in year 6, I always had a way with words, and it didn’t stop when I came to the bible, only serving as more catch-phrases. I’ve grown up with a natural inclination to pull jokes about pretty much anything, especially theology.  Nevermind that it wasn’t funny, I would have often have ‘killing-spree’ moments to beautifu...
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I owe an apology, do you?

  While listening to a sermon on apologetics by Michael Ramsden last Wednesday at my church’s community group, I was convicted by a few things, but let me share one of them. A few weeks prior to that Wednesday night, I was working... My Agnostic colleague and I were walking together in the city, business as usual, until we were stopped by a clearly religious-looking young man. Now I c...
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50 Answers Non-Christians Don’t Think Christians Have

I thank the founder of Geeks Under Grace (previously Cross Console Gamers) Drew Koehler for inviting me to answer the next 10 questions in this five-part series. View the other parts of this response at Geeks Under Grace. If you're not already aware, this series is in response to “Top 50 Questions that Christians Can’t Answer”. Before I begin, I also thank REPuckett (author of that post)...
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