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Reflecting on the past

Much of our life is less than perfect. We've all made plenty of mistakes and I wonder if it brings you down. Maybe it's broken relationships, cultivated addictions or false ideologies that plague your past. Do you live up to the moral standard? How does your track record fare? To the outsider, the verdict is that you are a failure - a sinner, unworthy of a place in His kingdom. And...
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Did Jesus really die for everyone?

Sort of. This is understandably another controversial post but once again, let me explain what I mean. In one sense, it is fair to say that Jesus died for everyone. This is true in the sense that God has a general love toward the world (John 3:16), and the gospel is a free offer of grace to everybody (Romans 1:16). The trouble with this concept is that we instinctively think this means J...
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Meditations on the Cross

Via Crucis Both friends and foes have come to see. A man hung upon a tree, such a display none have seen. Mother and sons watch from afar, swords piercing their hearts. Hounds and wolves encircle the crown, Defeat is near, Death is near, there is no escape. Crowned with suffering, anointed with blood, the Man is scourged for all. Arrayed by men of malice, He continues to drin...
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