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Love the song, don’t love like the song

I’ll have to admit, ‘When a Man loves a Woman’ is one of the best shower songs ever. Even as I’m writing, Percy Sledge’s final heartfelt cry of forlorn love rings in my head – and so it’s a little bit sad to note that Percy Sledge recently died aged 73. But as I took some time to check out the lyrics to this iconic soul ballad, I came to recognise the destructive nature of love gone wrong. ...
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Unmarried Christian couples holidaying alone? Please don’t!

(This is reposted with permission from Pastor Pete's blog) I’m going to get straight to the point: unmarried Christian couples holidaying alone together is a really bad idea. Before I go on, let me clarify. I am talking to Christian couples. I assume that Christian couples are committed to sexual purity before marriage. If you are reading this and not Christian, this isn’t a word for you...
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The Holy Family

Our families are a key part of our lives that is very intimate and personal; the bond that is shared between family members is one that is very sacred and can be a blessing or curse depending on circumstances. As children, we realize eventually that it is one of those bonds that doesn't center on choice, but rather a God given relationship that is presented to us before we even knew it. How...
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