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Who am I?

Who am I? I guess that's the question we all ask, at one point or another. To understand ourselves, to secure our identity; to belong. Maybe you don't ponder on this, at least not anymore. But there was a time in your life when you asked this question. And now it's answered, you know who you are. You are a 22 year old, university educated, professional worker. You are respected by fri...
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Sex, Sin and Suffering

This truly is a sexual revolution. But in the fight for freedom and egalitarianism, we all lose. We devalue sex. Devalue marriage. Devalue your body. Devalue authority. Devalue life. Sex is about pleasure not about commitment. Marriage is about feelings not about covenant. Your body is only as good as others perceive it. Authority structures exist to be broken. Abortion is about choic...
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Ashley Madison and a Culture of Adultery

No doubt you've heard of the Ashley Madison hack. The records of 37 million cheating spouses have been leaked online, and the world has gone nuts. Popular opinion concerning these adulterers has been, rightly, negative. These users have been seen as 'deserving' of having their data exposed. "Serves them right," some say, "why would they cheat on their husband/wife?". This is in some sense g...
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Gospel-Centered Conversations

If you know me, you'd know I'm not the best conversationalist. I'm not very talkative and am often thinking about the task to complete on my to do list. So then, I write this with great humility as I reflect upon the truths of the gospel. You see, if Jesus is king over everything, that also means he is king over our the way we communicate with each other. The nature of the gospel transfo...
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Stumbling Blocks

Church and culture Being a Christian in our modern world is undoubtedly a challenging way to live. By choosing God's ways, we are saying ‘no’ to many others. Sometimes this leads us to a few dilemmas concerning our position as Christians in society. An example of this is whenever we take a stand for our faith; we are saying that we are different to all other faiths. This exclusive claim of Chri...
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