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The Despair of Death

On Friday night, the 29th of January 2016, a beloved friend and ex-colleague innocently crossed the road only to be hit by a car running a red light, leaving her with severe head injuries. She was declared brain-dead in ICU, lying unconscious and unrecognisable due to the damage to her head. At 12pm today, less than two days on, the doctors decided to take her off life support with family and ...
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Death into Divine

Here's a great quote written by Andrew Rivet which was quoted in Archibald Alexander's book Thoughts on Religious Experience, which was quoted in John Piper's sermon The Death of a Spirit-Filled Man, which was quoted in Nancy Guthrie's book O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, which I read and am quoting here. Andrew was a French Theologian who fell severely ill after preaching a sermon on Christm...
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