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3 Tips for Crafting Community

At a recent meeting with the Community Group leaders of ACTS11, we sat down to brainstorm some ideas. We wanted to figure out how to foster a community within groups (hence the community + group). To begin with, we agreed that central to having community is having God himself. By his gifts of prayer and scripture we can hope to become the community that God desires. If you're reading thi...
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Book Review: Live Love Lead by Brian Houston

One of the highschoolers in my youth group handed me this book last week, with a card that says: "THIS BOOK BELONGS TO TIM LIM. Every delegate at Hillsong Conference received a free copy of this book to give to someone else and I chose you because I know you'll read it right? And you like books but you're also someone who can discern if this book's good. Tell me if this book's good. Hope it...
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Essential Reading for Leading

"When you find a leader, you find a reader. The reason for this is simple - there is no substitute for effective reading when it comes to developing and maintaining the intelligence necessary to lead." - Albert Mohler. Do you agree with this statement? Either way, I think we all agree that learning is important. Learning is a spiritual discipline that every Christian should train themsel...
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Recovering Chivalry

I recently sat down with a few friends to discuss what it means for a Christian man to be manly. We had mixed opinions on what it exactly Christian masculinity is. So that weekend I set out to examine what Christian masculinity means in our modern age. Progressive? Much of modern evangelical Christian culture is greatly influenced by American Christianity, particularly in the 20th and 21st c...
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