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Sex, Sin and Suffering

This truly is a sexual revolution. But in the fight for freedom and egalitarianism, we all lose. We devalue sex. Devalue marriage. Devalue your body. Devalue authority. Devalue life. Sex is about pleasure not about commitment. Marriage is about feelings not about covenant. Your body is only as good as others perceive it. Authority structures exist to be broken. Abortion is about choic...
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The Dream Wedding

Her big day had finally come, the day she had been planning since she was five - a ceremony twenty-five years in the making. As the last guests arrived and the bridal party lined up, she sat out of sight by herself in a side room, waiting for the big reveal. She stared at the old wooden door separating her from all her friends and family. The minutes crawled along like hours. A tear fell ou...
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Lest Ye Be Judged

Recently I read on the news that the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney echoed the call of bishops around the country for Catholics around the country to stand firm in moral opposition to same-sex marriage. Two responses predominantly captured the essence of the ensuing debate that happened on social media; one side was passionately for marriage equality, the other, disapprovingly expressed t...
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Who owns the right to marry?

A few days ago, Ireland became the first official country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote. It seems as if the trend of society leans toward public opinion and away from traditional authority. A poster at a recent rally for marriage equality said: "If I like it, I should be allowed to put a ring on it!" The irreligious world says that the church should stop being so selfish ...
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The Holy Family

Our families are a key part of our lives that is very intimate and personal; the bond that is shared between family members is one that is very sacred and can be a blessing or curse depending on circumstances. As children, we realize eventually that it is one of those bonds that doesn't center on choice, but rather a God given relationship that is presented to us before we even knew it. How...
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