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Why do I do what I do?

There has recently been a big deal of questioning from inside and outside of me about why I do what I do. More specifically, why the pursuit of theology? It took me some time to begin the process of continually working this out. Here's my current answer, as a pilgrim on the way. If 'theology' is the study of God then we must get it right. Not because of 'logy' itself, but because of the 'theo...
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A Framework for Christian Growth

  I recently attended Overflow Conference 2014. It was a day with inspiring preaching by Francis Chan complemented with worship through song led by Trevor Hodge, intellectually challenging workshops and opportunities to flood the city of Sydney praying and spreading the gospel with strangers. About halfway through the conference, I realised that the structure of the conference could be describe...
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Serving without Sinking

This book is for anyone currently serving, or interested in serving as a Christian. Ranging from pulpit ministry to cleaning the garbage at church, how we serve is essential. How are we to serve? How can we avoid 'burning out' as Christians? This book shows busy Christians how to serve joyfully, not wearily.  Title: Serving without sinking.  Author: John Hindley.  Publisher:...
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