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Introduction to Sound Production for Laypeople

Most modern churches make their sound go loud with a PA system (Public Address aka sound system, which is not the one in the picture above - that's a DJ mixer but it's a cool picture). Many churches also have a worship band playing music every Sunday so that the congregation can worship God through a couple of songs. A problem now arises because due to the cool-ness of playing an instrum...
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4 Ways to Grow as a Musician

This post is for all the muso's out there. On the topic of preaching1, Timothy Keller says that it is our job to deliver a good sermon, and it is the Holy Spirit's job to turn that into a great sermon. I believe the same goes for music. It is the Spirit's job to turn our music-aided worship into great worship, but it is our job as faithful servants to deliver good music. I hope you find ...
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Top 5 Albums of 2014

Apart from my books, I love playing and listening to music. Here's my top 5 Christian albums released this year, with my favourite song from each album. 5. Prepare Him Room - Sovereign Grace Music   4. Glorious Ruins - Hillsong Live   3. Unity - Garage Hymnal   2. Nite EV Vol 1 - EV Church [No music video, but 'May The Redeemed' is my favourite] ...
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This We Must Believe

The Apostles Creed is something all Christians have believed for two thousand years. After a rather casual agreement on social media, Hillsong (Pentecostal) decided to collaborate with John Dickson (Anglican) in writing this song. The first time I heard and sang this song was at RICE Easter Event 2014, and it brought me to tears (yes, I have feelings sometimes). All Christians should be able to ...
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