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Look and Live

The following is extracted from Chapter 4 of Matt Papa's book: 'Look and Live - Behold the Soul-thrilling, Sin-destroying Glory of Christ'. This series of poems illuminates the beauty of Jesus' birth, life and death.   Bethlehem. A humble town. A nobody's town. Perfect. The mountains would have bowed down. The seas would have roared in praise. The trees clapped their hands. But not...
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The Glory of the Triune God

This is a quote from the first chapter of Joe Rigney's book titled "The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts". Joe talks about how Christians should take pleasure in creation, but he first talks about the origin of everything: God in trinity.   "The triune God of Scripture lives! He is not static. He is not lifeless. He is not bored. He is not boring. He is the livi...
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Meditations on the Cross

Via Crucis Both friends and foes have come to see. A man hung upon a tree, such a display none have seen. Mother and sons watch from afar, swords piercing their hearts. Hounds and wolves encircle the crown, Defeat is near, Death is near, there is no escape. Crowned with suffering, anointed with blood, the Man is scourged for all. Arrayed by men of malice, He continues to drin...
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Yet not I, but Your Grace within me

  Lord of Hosts, my Saviour and King How do I please You? What can I give to You that is a fragrant sacrifice? But is that not a bizarre question to ask? Because on my own, I have none such desire. The unregenerate heart has no thirst for You. What can I offer? When all I have with all I am is not enough? Pride and jealousy exudes my demeanour, Can even a single thought ...
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