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Taking God At His Word


In the first of this interest series, I’d like to recommend an easy, short book by a wonderful writer on a topic of fundamental importance.

Taking-God-Word-3D-880x10241Title: Taking God At His Word. 
Author: Kevin DeYoung. 
Publisher: Crossway.  
Publish date: April 2014. 
Endorsers: David Platt, D. A. Carson, Matt Chandler, John MacArthur, Kathleen B. Nielson, Carl R. Trueman, K. Scott Oliphint, Aimee Byrd and David Powlison.


Reckon you’ve mastered the bible (or want to get a little closer to that distant goal)? This will make you rethink your view of scripture and truly empower you. I can recommend this book because it has been of great personal encouragement in my Christian life and relationship with God. I sometimes think that communicating with people of the opposite sex is difficult, but then I remember just how tricky it can be to deal with God. Thank God for his Word.

If there’s one thing this book does, it simply brings you to amazement of The Book (yes, the bible). There are many great, biblical resources on the market that talk about bits and pieces of the bible, but it’s rare to see something that talks of the entirety of God’s word written so accessibly. By the way, if you haven’t heard of Kevin DeYoung, he’s a senior pastor of University Reformed Church and council member of The Gospel Coalition. He may well be one of the best Christian authors alive.

I bought this book searching for answers regarding the biblical canon, i.e. “why are some books included in the bible and others not”? At the end of the introductory chapter of the book, however, DeYoung clarifies that his book doesn’t deal with external evidence for this, but shows us from the bible itself why it is enough, clear, final, necessary and unbreakable. If the canonicity of scripture is something you’re interested in, he gives recommendation for 30 other books which deal with issues outside of and reinforces what he says in his small, simple book.

Here is also a few sermons DeYoung has given on the doctrine of scripture.
Here is a free PDF excerpt from the book
Here is the book you can purchase.

“May God give us ears, for we all need to hear the word of God more than God needs any of us to defend it.”

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