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The Glory of the Triune God


This is a quote from the first chapter of Joe Rigney’s book titled “The Things of Earth: Treasuring God by Enjoying His Gifts”. Joe talks about how Christians should take pleasure in creation, but he first talks about the origin of everything: God in trinity.


“The triune God of Scripture lives! He is not static. He is not lifeless. He is not bored. He is not boring. He is the living God!

He is the Father of lights, fount of divinity, origins of origins, begetting yet unbegotten, deity prime, the almighty maker of heaven and earth.

He is the beloved Son, Word of the Father, God’s sermon and song, his image and wisdom, very God of very God, begotten before all worlds.

He is the Holy Spirit, breath of the living God, the river of his delights, the oil on his beard, the glad bond of loving union, proceeding from the Father and the Son.

This is God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, knowing each other, loving each other, delighting in each other, from all eternity, with no needs, no wants, no lack. Complete and total infinite happiness. This is who God is.

This is no abstract deity, no impersonal divinity, God is love – dynamic, alive, abundant, and overflowing. Relationship is at the heart of reality. The original Word of this God is God over again. His love for himself is so potent that he’s a person.

Absentee landlord? Hardly. Generic watchmaker? Not a chance. He is a jealous husband, a consuming fire, a cloud of glory that outshines the sun. He is a thundering tornado of knowledge and love and joy and life.

And the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit so love the fullness of their shared life that they think it fitting and right that such glorious knowledge and love and joy overflow. So they make a world to contain it. They create vessels to hold the fullness of their divine joy.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are like an indie rock band that loves their music so much that they decide to take the show on the road. Only this band creates an audience from nothing.

The triune God is like a husband and wife who love one another deeply and love their relationship and shared life so much that they decide to bring children into it. Only this triune couple creates children from nothing.

God created the world to get a bride for his Son.

And what this means is that when we think about the glory of God, we ought not think merely about the display of God’s attributes, as though God were simply a big fireworks show, off in the distance. The glory and fullness of God includes the display of all of his perfections, but it also includes our knowledge of his perfections and our love for his perfections, and all the thoughts and affections and actions that flow out of that knowledge and love. In fact, our knowledge of God is simply God’s knowledge of himself in us. [Our] love for God is simply God’s love for God in us. Our delight in God is simply God’s delight in God in us.

In a word, when God glorifies himself, he invites us to participate in his triune life. As Lewis said, “The whole dance, or drama, or pattern of the Tri-personal life is to be played out in each of us:… each one of us has got to enter that pattern, take his place in that dance.” He invites us in, the Son welcoming us as his bride, the Father embracing us as his daughter-in-law, the Spirit as the bond that unites us all together in one big, happy, glorious family.

This is the origin and the finish line, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.

This is God, the supreme harmony of all.”


Get the book here.

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