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This We Must Believe

The Apostles Creed is something all Christians have believed for two thousand years. After a rather casual agreement on social media, Hillsong (Pentecostal) decided to collaborate with John Dickson (Anglican) in writing this song. The first time I heard and sang this song was at RICE Easter Event 2014, and it brought me to tears (yes, I have feelings sometimes). All Christians should be able to declare their belief in this creed, for it encompasses the biggest truths of… well… everything. What a great privilege we now have to sing it, and I pray that as you listen to this song your eyes will be opened to the beauty of God and your heart once again softened to the splendor of His majesty.

“Preaching on unity doesn’t unify a church.
Preaching Jesus unifies a church.” Steve Dighton.

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