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Top 10 Websites for Christians

Now I’m still a youngster, but I love online resources for reading, hearing, watching and thinking about Christianity. Obviously (though perhaps not so obvious in our lives) the greatest resource is the bible itself. I wrote a recommendation of a book on the book here. Thank God for also communicating to us in secondary means such as what we have as the internet today. These are just 10 of my personal favourite because they are biblically trustworthy, unfailingly encouraging and consistently updated.

  1. The Gospel Coalition – a movement that upholds the gospel’s effect on everything. Council members that you may know include D. A. Carson, Bryan Chapell, Mark Dever, Kevin DeYoung, David Helm, Tim Keller, Albert Mohler, John Piper and many others.
  2. Ligonier – R. C. Sproul offers reformed theology made easy. Get the Ligonier phone app to get daily messages, bible readings, teaching series’ etc for free!
  3. Challies – a great teacher who isn’t afraid to write the truth. He provides helpful content including daily kindle deals, great articles, videos and book reviews.
  4. Desiring God – John Piper shows you the joy and necessity of worshipping God through daily spiritual food and thousands of resources.
  5. Fervr – digestible resources for highschoolers and youth leaders, owned by Anglican Youthworks in Sydney.
  6. LAS – James Chen offers brilliant and thought out insights into our culture.
  7. Theopedia – theology galore! A good place to investigate doctrine with further resources linked.
  8. Adam4d – these fun comics are really insightful and great for sharing.
  9. Dave Miers – Dave Miers brings us excellent writings and recommendations.
  10. Together for the Gospel – sermons by famous speakers at the T4G conference.

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