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Yet not I, but Your Grace within me


Lord of Hosts,
my Saviour and King
How do I please You?
What can I give to You
that is a fragrant sacrifice?

But is that not a bizarre question to ask?
Because on my own, I have none such desire.
The unregenerate heart has no thirst for You.

What can I offer?
When all I have
with all I am
is not enough?

Pride and jealousy exudes my demeanour,
Can even a single thought be found pure?
I seize what is Yours to bolster my own kingdom.

The heart of a rebel,
fights a lost war.
And only a fool
would keep trying.

Left with no choice but surrender,
I brace myself for swift retribution
to reap the seeds of wrath and destruction.

The axe falls;
the executioner’s blow.
Yet not on me-
but on whom you loved most.

And for a moment I wonder who’s really the fool.
The absurdity of the reality of the situation
even words fall short of proper description.

“Amazing Grace
how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch
like me.”

And who would purchase this destitute soul!
No man would die for my unrighteousness.
Naked and ashamed I lay, for none desire me.

would pursue
my meaningless
and give it meaning.

How sweet is Your song, though my ears do not hear.
Still I resist Your gentle call and light yoke,
and I wonder if You ever regret your sacrifice.

But Your Spirit
rends my flesh,
and I hope
in victory.

The vanguard of the new kingdom
will not lose because you cannot lose.
So humble us, lest we claim this glory for ourselves.

Eagerly awaiting
the day
where our insufficiency
meets true restoration.

Why O Lord, do You not hasten Your return?
Rapture lies just outside my reach,
but You have yet to gather all Your children.

What must I do
to gain eternal life?
Is salvation won with works?
Not by mine, but by your Son.

Walk with me my God, and do not depart.
Bring me to my knees when I scorn Your blessing.
Take me home, for I want to see You face to face.

It is by grace
that I am saved.
And by grace
I will strive all the more.
Yet not I, but Your grace within me.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” – 2 Corinthians 4:18


This guest post is by Nathan Xing, a student studying Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University.

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